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About Carly Gintz

Meet Carly Gintz, your go-to real estate guru with over 11 years of experience rocking the real estate scene in Louisiana and the enchanting Cayman Islands. With a background in healthcare and a heart as big as her smile, Carly seamlessly pivoted into the world of real estate, where she's been making waves as a mentor, market center investor, and property whiz. Known for her sunny disposition and knack for turning negotiations into a win-win scenario, Carly is not your average agent—she's your real estate champion! She believes in forging lasting connections with her clients and sprinkles her magic touch on every deal. In addition to her flair for traditional real estate, Carly's also an experienced investor with a portfolio including vacation rentals and long term leases, adding a splash of adventure to her endeavors. Three years ago, Carly traded Louisiana spice for island paradise and hasn't looked back since. She now calls the Cayman Islands home sweet home, where she lives with her loving crew—a hubby and three mini-adventurers. When she's not busy scoring dream homes for her clients, you can find Carly scoring on the pickleball court, whipping up southern comfort food, or jet-setting around the world. With Carly as your real estate sidekick, you're not just getting a house hunter—you're gaining a loyal friend who'll make your home-buying journey as playful and memorable as a day at the beach!

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